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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Since I have nary a thing to do at the moment and it would be a sin to go to bed at only 11:00, I'm going to blog some more.

Baseball trivia! Stuff that happened in baseball history on my birthday (September 20):
  • 1992: Mickey Morandini (I know him!) of the Philadelphia Phillies made only the 9th unassisted triple play in professional baseball history when I turned four years old. As it turns out, my dad was the starting pitcher for the Phillies in that game. Go figure.
  • 1998: After playing in an MLB-record 2632 consecutive games, Cal Ripken sat on the bench for the first time since May 29, 1982. Mientras, yo cumplía 10 años.
That was...a worthy way of wasting about 10 minutes.

IDEA! Since I'm bored and a wealth of baseball trivia knowledge, someone try to stump me with random baseball questions.


Blogger Q eye said...

where and when by who was baseball invented and why??? What was the colour of his/her eyes.

12:51 PM


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